Weekly Weigh-in

I see a pattern emerging. I lose one week. I gain the next week. I’m not going to get my undies in a bunch over it. It’s how I am. As long as the overall trend is down, I am a happy camper.

My scale definitely needs to be replaced. It must be close to 20 years old, and while it still gives me a gauge on where I’m at, it is far from accurate. A new scale is on my wish list. How sad that I would love a new scale for Christmas! Haha!

Anyway, on to my weigh-in results so I can get back to work. It’s going to be a busy week!

Last week I gained 3 pounds. So if you look at my pattern, can you guess what happened this week? Yes, I lost! I lost those 3 pounds, plus 3 more! I am now down 31 pounds and am thrilled! I’m not sure I’ll meet my goal of losing 50 by the Tim McGraw concert Labor Day, but 40 (or maybe 45??) is a very reasonable goal. No matter what, I am moving in the right direction and that’s what matters most.

I am thrilled to be making progress!!


9 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-in

  1. Wow great loss! Scales are tricky like that. It’s gotta be hard to weigh in and see a gain one week, but the next week you lose a bunch which is a confidence/motivation boost. Oh yeah, you should definitely get a new scale! Do some research and get a nice fancy schmancy one. Those are lots of fun. 🙂

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