Ice Cream Victory

I have been struggling with my food choices for the past week. My hormones are all over the place, which makes me want to eat non-stop. I haven’t gotten completely out of control, but my choices have been less than stellar. Last night I stay on plan and felt good about it this morning. I woke up determined to have another good day!

Then, this afternoon at work, my boss announced he would take my department for ice cream. UGH! It’s one of those places where you can choose from various ice creams and frozen yogurts, and serve it yourself. Then there is a bar of toppings ranging from fruit to nuts to chocolate pieces. It looked so good!! I decided to stay strong and not get anything, even though I sometimes feel like I should to show my appreciation (isn’t that silly??). Instead, I went with for the walk and company. And now as I’m eating my snack of strawberries, I feel empowered.

There will always be temptations along the way. I just need to choose which ones are worth indulging in. This one was not worth it. I CAN do this.


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