Weekly Weigh-in

I’ll start out with the frustrating part and get it over with. I gained 3 pounds this week! And honestly, I expected it after the weekend. Remember my post on Friday how I was proud of myself for resisting temptation all day long? I ended up caving at home that night. I didn’t eat as bad as I would have in the past, but still didn’t eat great. Then we had the BBQ Saturday. Again, I could have eaten a lot worse, but I enjoyed some margaritas and didn’t drink enough water.

Yesterday I struggled, but did well all day. Until we decided last minute to go out for supper. We ended up going to Famous Dave’s, and I actually ate decent and logged my calories. I got a grilled chicken sandwich, and instead of fries on the side, I tried their new grilled pineapple. It was delicious! My entire meal was only about 800 calories, which I think was great for a meal out. I ended up eating a couple of leftover lemon bars last night too. 😦

The good news: I will not let this get me down. I am feeling bloated, but otherwise good, so I am on track today and drinking lots of water. Those 3 pounds will be gone soon. Plus more…

For about 10 days, I did really well with accomplishing chores around the house with my daily goals. With our heat wave last week, those mini goals went out the window! It’s time to get back to that, and get my house shaped up before school starts and my job gets busy this fall.

My newest project revolves around an impromptu purchase Marcus and I made last night. It all started because our DVD player stopped working, so we bought a new Blu Ray player. Well, since our TV is about 10 years old, the hookups are all different. We’ve been wanting to upgrade to a flat screen, so bit the bullet last night. We are the proud new owners of a 55″ TV!! We’re excited, but now need to figure out where to put it. So last night we were discussing options and we have a plan. We want to make sure the TV is secure and kids stay safe, so we will be mounting it to the wall. But we need a place for the DVD player and wii, which will look ridiculous on our current tiny TV stand. So I’m looking for a larger TV console of sorts, and will order that once we find something we both like. We are rearranging the entire room, and think it will actually open the room up quite a bit. And this also means major cleaning! I won’t let anything move to its new position until that part of the room has been cleaned. I sort of wish I could paint while we’re at it, but we’re spending enough money so the painting will have to wait.

With the break in the heat, I’m looking forward to a more active week!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-in

  1. Congrats on your new GYNORMOUS TV! That’s exciting. It’s always nice to change things around in a room. Feels refreshing. As for the eating, it doesn’t sound like you had a binge so at least there’s that. You got to eat some yummy food and you’ll get that weight right off. I ate more than usual Saturday night and was silly enough to step on the scale Sunday morning to see a 2 pound gain, but it was all gone this morning.

    • I struggled a bit last night too. I think that time of the month is coming, so my hormones are all over the place which makes it even harder to make healthy choices. I will keep pushing through!
      I love rearranging rooms and things like that. I’m excited to get the TV hooked up and get that room organized. Hopefully that is tonight’s project. I can’t wait!

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