Collar Bones & More

treatyouwellI feel like all the pieces are coming together for me lately. I am learning how to treat myself and my body. And lately, it is rewarding me with weight loss! It feels amazing to see the hard work start to pay off. I have taken the long road, but hope I have worked through my emotional issues and developed a strong core to build upon.

We are in a heat advisory here in southern MN. We don’t have any a/c, not even a window unit, so it is very warm in our house. After 8 1/2 years of this, my body has adjusted and it’s not as bad as it used to be. I still don’t like it though.

Since it is so hot, my steps are down right now. But I hope to make up some ground over the weekend when the weather improves. The hot weather also means I am craving more water, so getting 128 ounces each day is EASY! Sometimes I drink more.

This morning my 5-year-old daughter said to me “Mommy, you’re looking a little bit skinnier.” Wow! Kids are SO observant! That really made my day. And the fact that the scale dropped today and I was very surprised. Now I need to see if I can hold onto that number until my official weigh-in.

I haven’t been really sure what to do with my facebook page. I’m still not really sure, so my posting can be sporadic. But if you’d be so inclined, please like my page.

Our new camera should arrive tomorrow. I will need to update my progress photos. I even found one of me at my starting weight. Yuck. It’s so gross. But in a way it’s nice to see because I can tell I am smaller.

Oh, and I am starting to see some collar bones. I had forgotten they were there.Ā šŸ˜€


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