I don’t want to be the fat mom

I have tried really hard not to say bad things about myself around my kids. They don’t need to know I am labeled as fat, or any other less-than-flattering description. They still say things about other people, but they’re kids. When I hear it, I talk to them about how those things can hurt someone’s feelings.

Today, Cameron told me a kid at daycare, who is her age, says I’m fat. Yes, I am. I know that. Everyone who sees me knows it. But it’s not what defines me. And I’m working on it. I won’t let his comment bother me.

It got me thinking though. I don’t want to be known as the fat mom. Anything but the fat mom. So it gave me a bit more motivation to push through today and do well.

I weigh myself almost every day. This morning I was especially excited to see a lower number. It really gave me the extra motivation to stay strong today.

I really think I’ve got this this time. And I’m excited!!

Stay tuned for news of tomorrow’s weigh-in!


10 thoughts on “I don’t want to be the fat mom

  1. I hear ya on that. I have been called it too. But, my boys know I am exercising to get fit. Stay positive – keep inspiring others!

  2. It is how we see and think of our self that really defines who we are. We do the best to teach our children to be respectful of others and then along comes someone opinionated or rude and we start on the self doubt or our kids start to see through someone else’s eyes. How someone else views you is not necessarily a true representation of how anyone else other than that person views you, that is merely just that particular person’s words. Honestly, there are far worse things than being known as the fat mom. I catch your drift though. You are truly amazing and inspiring, Teresa. You keep your goals in sight and you go for them!

    • Thank you, Melissa. 🙂 I really don’t care what that 7-year-old boy thinks of me. What my own kids think of me means far more. They have never called me fat, but have said they like me better when I’m skinny (even though they’ve never known me skinny). I’m just trying to show them how to live a healthy life. I’m eating right and exercising. That’s what they need to see. The weight loss, which is really for me, will come.

      • You are absolutely right, Teresa. Kids learn from their parents how to choose proper nutrition, keep active and have a balanced approach to wellness. Weight loss, when undertaken in a healthy manner displays self care and prevention of weight-related issues. Interesting observation by your kids. 😉

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