Weekly Weigh-in

After a nice, long weekend to celebrate the 4th of July, I am glad to be back to work!

It was a great weekend filled with face painting, a parade, card playing, pool time, a movie, and lots of family time. I also had basically too full days of making the wrong food choices. I was back on track yesterday, and going strong today. It feels good to be back on track!

What doesn’t feel so good is today’s weigh-in. I was up 2 pounds! Grr! I was hoping to lose something, but I know I deserve the gain.

Next week I will lose those 2, plus more. The only thing that could get in my way is a family wedding, but I won’t drink any alcohol since I’ll need to drive the kids home. And let’s be honest, most weddings don’t overfeed their guests, so I think my food will be okay.

I’m still feeling good even though I was up 2 pounds. I’m on the right track and am SO close to fitting into a bunch of clothes in my closet. That is motivation because I’m not buying more at the bigger size.

Thanks for reading!


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