Weekly Weigh-in

I need to keep this short because work is getting busier. And in the evenings I’m still working to get things done around the house, exercise, and spend time with the kids.

I have done really, really, really well this past week! My diet has been practically perfect. I’ve been exercising, and even hit 10,000 steps 2 days. I have been chugging the water. Honestly, I think it’s the water that has really helped with the weight loss. And it has all but stopped the evening snacking temptation.

Curious how much weight I lost this past week??


I did put a few on since my last official weigh-in June 1, so ended with a net loss of 4 pounds this month. I’LL TAKE IT!! I am now down 27 pounds, with 23 to go to hit my Labor Day goal of losing 50.

Since mini goals are working for me right now, I will go to weekly weigh-ins. I know I won’t lose every single week, but I am hopeful I will see another good week.

I feel the need to add some progress pics. Our camera is broken, so I can’t until we replace it. We hope to do it soon.

I’m looking forward to another fantastic week! Stay strong everyone!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-in

  1. Holy cow, 7 pounds is spectacular! Congratulations!!! It sounds like you are doing everything you need to do and your body is thanking you. Chugging water is such a big helper for a lot of different reasons. 🙂

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