A few updates, and some BIG GOALS!

First I’ll start with a few updates.

Remember my possible phantom ankle pain that I wrote about here? I am ignoring it and going about my day, and it’s definitely not getting worse. It still aches a bit, but I have noticed very few shooting pains. I really think this has all been in my head.

My right foot has been bothering me more. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m really working on increasing my daily steps, or because I have been eating too many carbs and sugar (or both). But as of now, I am getting that under control. More on that in a bit.

I’m also working on keeping myself on task by scheduling exercise and chores for myself. I first wrote about it here. It is still going really well, although I admit I skipped my chore last night. I have decided I can have an off night once in a while. So tonight I have to do last night’s chore, which was cleaning our sliding door. This includes cleaning the glass, the track the door slides on, the vertical blinds (which I hate and want to get rid of…in due time…), and any cob webs in the vicinity.

The good part is I did my wii workout last night, even though I tried to come up with reasons why I could skip it. No reason was good enough, so I did it. And of course I felt better once I did it.

Now onto my goals. A friend of mine is in the mindset to get back on track as well. I won’t share a lot of details about her in case people we both know read this. But I’m already finding it extremely motivating that she’s ready. We’re talking about our diets and are both making a big effort to drink a lot more water. Yesterday I drank 114 ounces which is a big water day for me.

My friend and I LOVE Tim McGraw. We have seen him probably 15 times. Maybe more. I’ve lost count. We go every time he’s in Minnesota. I missed once because Kody was only a month old and I was recovering from a c-section. It was a hard decision, but it was the right one. Anyway, we’re going to see Tim again the first part of September. Just a few minutes ago, I set a goal that I want to be down 50 pounds by then. This is an absolutely huge goal, and one I will prove to myself I can do. I have 27 pounds to go. I lost 13 pounds last September when I gave up sugars, bread, etc, so I know it’s possible. Not easy, but possible. So as of RIGHT NOW, I am back on my Sugar Strike (except in my coffee, that is my ONE exception)!

I may also switch to weekly weigh-ins. I’m finding the shorter goals are working well for me right now.

This will in no way be easy. But I want to prove to myself I can do anything I put my mind to. I can do this! I will do this!


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