Self-Sabotage – Could It Be?

Yes, I do believe I am sabotaging myself.

Weight loss is most definitely more emotional than it is physical. It’s figuring out why we eat ourselves into oblivion. Why we don’t feel we’re worth treating right. Why we’re not good enough.

I have figured out a lot of this about myself. But yet I continue to sabotage myself. Let me explain.

Probably a couple of weeks ago I began to notice a shooting pain through my right ankle. Sometimes I feel some minor throbs. I don’t see any swelling or anything else abnormal. A friend brought it to my attention that I could be doing this to myself to get out of whatever physical commitment I have made to myself. She also did this to herself, and finally told her body she wasn’t going to play that game. When the pain came, she ignored it and continued with whatever she was doing. The pain went away pretty quickly.

Her story resonates with me. While it’s possible I could have a true injury, it’s more probable this is a mental thing. I haven’t done anything to hurt my ankle that I can recall.

So I am going to push through this! Of course if the pain gets worse, I need to listen to that. But if this is mental, I should get over the hurdle fairly quickly.

This is mind over matter. I will not let my mind play games with me. I will win!


8 thoughts on “Self-Sabotage – Could It Be?

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  2. You go girl! I’ve never heard of physical pain coming up like that due to our mental/emotional issues – It kind of makes sense. We trick our bodies into things sometimes. Keep us posted. I hope it’s not a real injury.

  3. Oh, it is so mental, isn’t it!! I had a similar issue in the beginning with my knees. Stay strong, but pay attention if you are having pain. You don’t want to injure yourself!
    You are worth it! Repeat a self affirmation during your workouts to help you push through, that may help.
    I believe in you!

    • Thank you friend! I do try to use affirmations throughout the day, no matter what I’m doing. Great reminder because I need to do it more. I’ll get this. I’m just taking the “scenic route” LOL

    • It IS tricky! It’s taking me awhile to conquer this, but I know once I do, it’ll be smooth sailing. Or not necessarily smooth, but it will be easier once I’m in a solid routine.

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