Life is full of temptation!

Birthdays. Christmas. Thanksgiving. 4th of July. Valentine’s Day. Super Bowl parties. Bridal showers. Weddings. Life is full of temptations! For those of us with eating issues, it’s more than just the “big events” in life. Take last night for example.

Yesterday, Marcus watched our adorable 6-month-old niece, along with our own 3 kids, because his sister doesn’t have daycare all week. She likes to provide dinner for her babysitters. Marcus requested KFC. Just the thought of KFC repulses me. Yet there is something about it that I love, or used to love. I actually haven’t had it in years. So I get home from work last night and the KFC is there, waiting for me. I admit I had a couple bites of chicken and mashed potatoes. Enough to get a taste. Then I stopped. I made scrambled egg boats for myself instead. They were delicious, healthy, and didn’t leave me feeling bloated and just plain yucky.

Temptation is EVERYWHERE. It’s something I struggle with on a daily basis. Although it is definitely easier than it used to be. I know the unhealthy foods aren’t good for me physically, but they also aren’t good for me mentally. I enjoy having more energy and higher spirits, which have happened naturally just by eating better. Most of the time anyway – I am far from perfect.

Somehow, it is becoming more natural for me to make healthy food choices. It doesn’t seem like such a chore to throw together a nice salad for lunch, or a healthy smoothie when I want ice cream.

I am worth treating well.

I am worth taking care of.

I deserve to be healthy.

I am worth it.

So are you.


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