Why I take my dog on walks with me…

Milo is our chocolate lab. Since we live on a farm, I like to take him on walks with me, just because you never know what you could encounter. While he is definitely Marcus’s dog, I like to think he would protect me should something happen.

Tonight, Milo and I went for a walk down the field road. When we got to “the pond”, which is really just a drainage ditch from the culvert, we were about the furthest we would be from home. I usually walk just a little bit past “the pond” and sometimes Milo goes further until I call him when I turn around. Sometimes he goes to the pond. Tonight, he went to the pond. I think he saw a bird he wanted to chase. In any case, I didn’t think much of it.

Then I heard him barking and it was definitely an unusual bark for him. I knew something was up, so I turned around and headed back to the pond, then home. The closer I got, the more I knew something wasn’t right. I reach the culvert and got enough guts to peak over. He was face to face with a raccoon! I mean, their noses were literally just inches apart! OMG, I high-tailed it out of there!!

As I took off, I was calling Milo, hoping he would follow me – without the raccoon. Luckily, he did. He stuck by my side the entire way home. I now know he would protect me if something should happen. Actually, now I think he stayed with the raccoon until he knew I was safe…and then stayed close. He’s a sweet boy. 🙂

Do you feel safe walking alone? Or do you prefer to walk with another person or a pet?


One thought on “Why I take my dog on walks with me…

  1. I usually like walking alone, I can keep the pace I want and focus. But you give a great reminder that you never know what is out on the path! We don’t have a dog, but I would for sure walk with him if I did!

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