May Recap & Future Monthly Goals

Mid-May, I changed my goals. My new goals were:

  1. Walk at least 10,000 steps a minimum of 4 days each week.
  2. Start the C25K program.

While I didn’t officially succeed at either of these goals, I am making an effort towards both of these. I will do some jogging intervals when I get outside for a walk. And I am making progress at increasing my steps each day. I am doing little things to add some steps to my day, and finding my step goal really encourages me to do some extra exercise. Right now my daily goal is to get 7,000 steps. Once I’m hitting that goal for a few weeks, I will increase it.

I’m not sure that setting monthly goals is working for me. Perhaps more short-term goals are better. Daily and weekly goals seem to be working better for me right now. I’m finding my goals are changing as I go, partly due to injury and other body pains! As long as I continue to make healthy changes and keep working to be more active, I feel like I am succeeding.

I was hoping for a bigger weight loss this month, but am still pleased to report I lost 4 pounds! Historically, I lose very slow. When I lost weight years ago, I was lucky to lose 2 pounds each month, so I am very happy with 4.  I am not going to put a timeline on my weight loss. As long as I continue to lose, I know I will eventually reach my goal. And keep it off!


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