Rainy days won’t bring me down!

Yesterday was a decent day. My eating was much better, and my steps were up a bit. I went for a short walk in the skyways like I promised. It was short, but added an easy 1000 steps to my day. I realized how much the dreary weather was getting to me, so when the sun peaked out a bit last night, I went for another short walk. It wasn’t long at all because I got tired of dodging all the puddles and walking in the mud. The sides of our gravel road were so soft I had to walk down the middle of the road. Regardless of the conditions, it was nice to get outside.

Today, I am feeling much more optimistic. There is sun in the forecast, even if it is a few days away…and followed by even more rain. There is talk of not even planting crops this year. It’s just plain going to be way too late before things dry out enough. But it will be okay.

Thanks again to the inspiring Sharon at http://mimigettingfit.com/, I dusted off my Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred workout. It is a short, but hard!, workout. Although it wasn’t quite as hard as I remember from the last time I did it. I won’t do it every day, but it’s definitely something I plan to incorporate into my routine. Maybe once a week? I think the reason I stopped before is because some of the high impact jumping caused some pain in my darn right foot.

Oh look at that! The sun is peaking out again! Storms are in the forecast for later today, but I am going to enjoy the sun and blue skies while it’s here!


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