Celebrating Success

Today I am celebrating success. I am starting to see changes in my body. I am starting to see the healthier person I used to be. I am starting to feel pretty again. I am (slowly) starting to feel more confident.

The process of losing weight is hard. Really hard. It isn’t just physical, but emotional as well. Very emotional. I have been open and honest with myself in figuring out WHY I’m overweight. Now it’s time to make the physical changes.

The hardest part is getting started and figuring out what works for YOU. I have found this changes as life circumstances change. What worked for me before having kids is much more of a challenge now. I feel like I have found what works for me right now, so I am going with it. I eat as clean as I can without feeling too much pressure. I log every single thing I eat at MyFitnessPal. I try to move as much as I can.

I am absolutely LOVING my FitBit pedometer! While I’m not at 10,000 steps per day yet, it is motivating me to move more. The other night none of the kids would go to sleep, and just knowing I would get steps and flights of stairs kept me from getting too frustrated with them. Yesterday I was close to getting the next badge for flights of stairs, so I went up and down ours at home a few times to make sure I’d get it. And when neither of my daughters wanted to go for a walk (it was really windy), Allison and I walked up and down the driveway a few times. I hope I continue to stay so motivated by this! Anyone who has one and wants to add me, my link is http://www.fitbit.com/user/25XWH3

My weight fluctuates a LOT. But I’m doing something right lately. I don’t like to report weight loss mid-month, but I am just too excited about this one. In the past week, I have lost SEVEN pounds!!!! I know this may go up again before it drops more. I’m okay with that, because I know I’m on the downward path.

Today I celebrate success. What do you celebrate today?


7 thoughts on “Celebrating Success

  1. Way to go, Teresa! You are having great success by being honest with yourself above all else. Seven pounds! Wow! That’s a newborn baby (I think of weight in terms of items as motivation and a visual pat on the back). Congratulations on all your numbers…steps, pounds, and all the other numbers you are tracking.

    It’s interesting how we think of ourselves change as we become healthier, isn’t it? Work it!

    • Thanks Melissa!! I might take the slow boat at times, but I will reach my goals. I might have a lot of set-backs, but being honest about it helps keep me accountable. I’m workin’ it! 😉

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