Two steps forward, one painful step back

Nothing is ever easy, is it? If it’s not one body pain, it’s another. I need to revise my C25K plan, but I am by no means giving up.

Let me back up and explain what happened.

A few years ago, I stubbed my toe. BAD. I thought it was broken or jammed or something. It’s possible it was, and still is, jammed. It bothered me months after the initial stubbing incident, so I finally talked to my doctor about it. I had x-rays which found nothing out of the ordinary. She mentioned it could be hammertoe, but wouldn’t she have known that by the x-rays? I don’t know, but she referred me to a foot and ankle clinic. I never went because I figure all they’ll do is recommend expensive orthotics that won’t work anyway. Instead, I decided to only where good shoes. This has really helped and I don’t have much pain anymore.

Unless I walk too much…or jog like I did on Wednesday. My foot felt fine all day Wednesday, but yesterday it was really hurting, and pretty much throbbing by the end of the day. Today it’s a bit better, but I’m not sure I can do the C25K program now. ARG!!

I think jogging can be extremely therapeutic for me, so I’m not giving up. I just need to listen to my foot. Maybe once a week is all it can handle for now. So instead I’m focusing on getting my daily steps up, and will jog when I can.

I am tired of all the body aches and pains! I know losing weight will help. It probably won’t cure the possible hammertoe, but it definitely can’t hurt. So I will keep plugging away and see how many steps I can get today.

The great news about my fitbit, is it’s encouraging me to eat better. At the end of the day, I LOVE seeing that I burned more calories than I ate. I’m eating fairly clean, and am naturally making better choices.

Despite the foot issues, I am feeling positive about my journey.

I am making progress!


4 thoughts on “Two steps forward, one painful step back

  1. Hope you heal well and fast. I have broken the same toe 4 (or 5, I’ve lost track) times. And the toe stayed really sensitive for years. (I always had to tell massage therapists not to even touch it.) Finally, I found something that healed it and no longer have that sensitivity. I definitely understand your dilemma with the C25K plan. Love your great attitude!

    • Pain in our toes and feet make it really hard to move the way we want, doesn’t it? I so badly want to do the C25K plan the way it’s intended, but even just one jogging session a week will be an increase over what I’m doing now. Perhaps as the weight comes off, my foot won’t be so sensitive. I’ll keep experimenting, that’s for sure!

  2. FitBit is awesome like that. The weird thing is that mine has been counting my lunches twice lately, so it miscalculates what I eat vs. burn. I can get rid of one of the meals manually, though. Sorry about your foot, but at least your attitude is good. ๐Ÿ™‚

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