FitBit, C25K, and Mid-May Goal Change

I ordered a FitBit pedometer and it arrived yesterday! For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a highly accurate pedometer. You can read more at I am really hoping this helps motivate me to keep moving. Today is my first full day of wearing it, so I’ll see how many steps I reach in a typical day with no official exercise. It’ll be a good baseline to start with.

Thanks to Sharon at, I am considering doing the C25K, or Couch to 5k, program. You see, I’ve had visions of becoming a runner. This is something I never, ever thought I would be serious about. Yet the visions are still there. I think running will be an excellent stress reliever for me, moreso than most other exercises I have tried. I enjoy walking, but I like the idea of burning more calories and relieving stress in a shorter period of time. My life is busy, so I need something that will be the most time efficient. I will make out a “training” schedule and stick to it the best I can. I do need to be somewhat flexible, depending on the weather and when Marcus is in the fields. But it’s only 3 days each week, so I can make it work.

I also am revising my goal for May. Originally, I said I was going to log my food every single day with MyFitnessPal. I admit, I am really struggling with this the past few days. I had it set to lose 2 pounds each week, so perhaps that is what has gotten me off track. I have changed my goal to lose 1 pound each week, which gives me quite a few more calories each day, so hopefully it doesn’t leave me feeling deprived, which only leads to bingeing.

My new goals for the remainder of the month are below.

  1. Walk at least 10,000 steps a minimum of 4 days each week.
  2. Start the C25K program.

These goals really go hand-in-hand. If I do the C25K program, I will be that much closer to getting my 10,000 steps in those days. If I get my 3 days of training in this week (I’m off work Thurs and Fri, which will make it easier), I should be able to get my first 3 weeks of training done by the end of the month.

I am excited about this! I know diet plays a big role in weight loss, but I also know I feel better when I exercise, regardless of what I’m eating. I will still log my food, but am going to focus more on exercise right now. And hope my calf doesn’t act up.

Anyone else have a FitBit? What do you think?

Has anyone else done the C25K program?


6 thoughts on “FitBit, C25K, and Mid-May Goal Change

  1. That is very good. I have ran a marathon and know exactly how that feels. I have ran the 1999 Marathon and if given the chance again, I would still run it. I don’t have a Fitbit, I have a similar model. Since the weather is getting warm, I am planning on running outside again.

    • We’ve had such a long winter here, that I’m anxious to get outside more too. Not sure I’ll ever run a marathon, but who knows. I’ll start with the 5k and see where it takes me.

  2. My x-husband has had a FitBit for about 1 1/2 years. He loves it and uses it all the time. He no longer has weight to lose, but he likes to track his movement and sleep and calories to stay on track. I mean he REALLY loves it!! Enjoy yours…and your new runner goals! Sharon/Mimi Getting Fit is a great inspiration, isn’t she?

    • I’m excited to try the sleep feature! I think I’ll really like it. Yes, Sharon is very, very inspiring!! It’s fun to see how far she’s come. I can’t wait to be there myself…so I better get moving!

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