Counting Calories

It’s been almost a full week since I started logging my food with MyFitnessPal. It’s going quite well!

I think I was putting too much pressure on myself to be perfect. I know I feel better with no sugar, bread, etc in my diet, but sometimes a girl just wants a piece of toast! Or I just want to eat what Marcus made for supper instead of making something else for myself when I’m already tired after a long day. Now, I feel like I have more freedom and more choices. Ultimately, my goal is to eat as clean as possible, but when life throws a bowl of ice cream at me, I need to know when/if/how much I can indulge.

It’s kind of like a weight has been lifted from me. I’m still eating basically the same, but I’m getting a better idea of how many calories really are in various foods. A taco salad is awesome, as long as I don’t use too much meat. And while my smoothies are a great meal (usually breakfast), they are a bit high in calories to have as a snack.

I feel good about this change. 😀

I am slowly increasing my physical activity. My calf muscle still gets a bit sore, but I’m able to pretty much do anything around the house without it bothering me. My office building is down to one elevator for a while, as they replace the current ones we have. They are fairly slow to begin with, but now will take even longer. So I took the stairs this morning and will be doing that more often…partly to save time, but also to get back into the routine. I was going to get up this morning to exercise, but that didn’t happen. I will likely go for a walk tonight while Cameron is at Girl Scouts, so all isn’t lost.

And…I am hopeful that spring is FINALLY here!!

How is everyone else doing?


5 thoughts on “Counting Calories

  1. Hello! I am new here 🙂 I found you via… Grace Got Healthy, I think!
    I’ve read this one post so far, and I can tell already that I like you!
    I look forward to cruising on through some older posts!
    Anyway, nice to meet you 🙂

  2. That’s good that you are not feeling as much pressure now. You know, I always have pressured myself to plan my entire day of food the day before, but noticed that going with the flow has felt better and opened me up to more options.

    Spring is definitely here in WA! For the time being. :p

    • I like to have a general idea what I’m going to eat, but I’m finding that going with the flow is working fine for me too.

      My brother lives in Seattle, and last week when we got 18″ of snow, he had to rub it in that it wasn’t even raining out there. 🙂

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