April Recap & May Goals

My calf injury in April really threw me for a loop. I was establishing a nice exercise routine, then BAM! Out of commission. The good news is it’s almost healed so I think I can safely get back to some exercise.

Here is a recap of my April goals and results:

  1. Stairs. Continue taking the stairs to the office at least twice each week.
  2. Exercise. About 2 weeks ago I started exercising in the morning. This is going really well and I want to continue it in April. I am also working to add walks at home when Marcus is around and I’m able to go.
  3. Circuit. Since I’m on an exercise roll, I’m going with it. I want to come up with an exercise circuit of sorts, with exercises like jumping jacks, squats and planks. I need to finalize my list. My goal is to complete it 2 days each week.

These were all a BIG FAIL!! I will not give up on them, but won’t make them official goals again quite yet.

The good news is that I managed to lose 2 pounds in April! I am down 19 pounds total.

Onto my May goals:

  1. Counting Calories. This month is going to be all about calories. I will continue to eat as clean as I can, but will log my food every single day at MyFitnessPal.com. If I decide I can’t resist some ice cream, I need to be responsible for it and log the calories.

That’s it for official goals. I will also start getting back to a regular exercise routine. I am also working on putting together a binder of motivational images and quotes. I took some progress photos of myself this morning, my first official ones. I will post them here sometime. For now, they are going in my binder. I think I will appreciate having them someday – hopefully soon!


8 thoughts on “April Recap & May Goals

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  2. Great goals. That reminds me that I still need to log the food from my bad weekend. Hey, at least you can make the choice to have something yummy as long as you log it. 🙂

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