Gearing up for May

April has not been a good month, for the most part. I was thrown for a loop with my calf injury, but I am not giving up!

My calf is healing slower than I had hoped, but I am listening to my body so I can get back to exercising how I want to soon. Yesterday we did some yard work and I raked for probably 90 minutes. I was glad to get a workout in, do something productive, AND spend time together as a family! My lower back is slightly sore today, but my calf is feeling okay, so it’s all good. I still feel some tightness/soreness when I go down stairs, but that is also getting better.

Allison turns 5 tomorrow. She is very excited! I love seeing her excitement, although I admit I will be happy to have birthdays behind us for the rest of the year.

With birthdays about over, and my calf about healed, May is a great time to get back on track with my diet AND exercise. I am ready to make it a positive one!


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