I have started easing my way back into exercise. I don’t think my calf is completely healed, so I am being careful and not doing any jumping jacks or anything else that might set me back.

Yesterday I did my wii Biggest Loser workout, and today my rear end is sore! But it’s a good sore. J I definitely feel it every time I get up from my chair.

I can tell getting up in the mornings is going to be tough again, but I am determined to get back to it. I was up late last night making my son’s birthday cake and wrapping presents, so I didn’t get up this morning. I will have to exercise tonight once the birthday festivities are over, and try again Saturday morning.

We have a busy weekend planned, but we are also expecting temps near 70 degrees. After the unusually long and brutal winter, I think the entire state of Minnesota will be outside celebrating and soaking up the nice weather. I definitely plan to enjoy it as much as possible!

In preparation of counting calories, I have opened a MyFitnessPal account! I decided to use this one instead of SparkPeople, because it links to the FitBit pedometer that I hope to get very, very soon. It will be nice to have all the data in one location. Now to familiarize myself with MyFitnessPal!


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