It’s been awhile!

I can’t believe it’s been a full week since I’ve posted anything. I tend to disappear when I get off track. And, well, I’ve gotten off track.

I know I lose weight at a decent rate when I eat clean. Right now I am getting quite discouraged at my ridiculously slow weight loss. Maybe that’s why I don’t stay on track real well, but I know if I do stay on track, the weight will come off. I have to get out of this cycle!

I am tossing around the idea of doing a Healthy30 (my take on a Whole30) in May. I’m going to ask Marcus to do it with me, in hopes that his support will help to keep me on track. I don’t expect him to change how he eats because of me, but am hoping he will agree to this for just one month. What he eats when he’s not home, I don’t care. But at home I’d like to focus on NO sugary treats, chips, pasta, etc. Just for 30 days. I’m hoping he will agree to it and abide by the rules.

It’s been about two weeks since I injured my calf and stopped exercising in order to let it heal. I still feel some slight pain at times. I am afraid to try any exercise in case I should reinjure it. On the flip side, I am afraid to go much longer without exercising for fear I won’t get back into my routine! Getting up in the mornings is going to be tough to get used to. Again. Ugh. But I’m trying to listen to my body right now. I don’t think exercise is a good idea quite yet. Hopefully just a few more days and I can try some light routines.

On a more positive note, I had a great weekend! Marcus’s sisters and I had a Girl’s Weekend. We had a spa day on Saturday and I got some fun high-lights in my hair! I will post pics once I get the “after” one from my SIL. It was such a relaxing time…I definitely need to do that more often!


6 thoughts on “It’s been awhile!

  1. I had a similar issue with my exercise routine. I injured my left shoulder. Instead of stopping completely, I modified my routines so I could move my shoulder through its range of motion without over-doing it. Push-ups were what injured it originally, so I scaled back to the point where I was lying on my back using 3 pound weights to simulate doing a push up. That was all I could do. Maybe you could find a way to modify so you could do a little something while your calf muscle heals. Good luck!

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