My Secret

I honestly feel like I have found the “secret” to my success in this whole weight loss thing.

I do believe different things work for different people as far as weight loss goes. But a part of me believes more and more that clean eating is the key to ultimate health, no matter who you are. I’m not saying I will never eat sugar again, because I will. I’m not saying I’ll never eat a fast food meal again, because I will. I’m not saying I will never have wine again, because I most definitely will! But when I’m strict about eating (and drinking) clean, here is what happens:

– I sleep better

– I have more energy

– I don’t crave anything sweeter than a piece of fruit

– I am in a better mood

– I am more productive at home and at work

– I am a better wife

– I am a better mom

– I have less aches and pains

– The excess weight feels like it melts off

I am now on Day 5 of my impromptu mini sugar strike. I have already noticed changes in every item I listed above. When I stepped on the scale this morning, I could hardly believe my eyes. I finally saw the number I reached last fall when I got serious about my diet for an entire month. I won’t share numerical results until the end of the month, but if I can keep this up, I will have a very successful month according to the scale!

Clean eating is most definitely the key for me. It’s becoming more natural to make healthier food choices. I’m on the right path and can live with these changes forever.

I am EXCITED about the success I will see in the near future.


5 thoughts on “My Secret

  1. That’s an exciting feeling! Funny I was thinking about something similar today, about how good it feels to eat healthy and exercise – How much better I feel the past couple weeks just from going back to healthy habits.

    • I’m glad my post gave you a reminder you needed. I pretty much credit you for getting me to take this clean eating this seriously. I don’t even know what it was…perhaps you were just there talking about it at the right time. 🙂

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