More battles won!

It’s been a crazy day, so just a quick post to share about the continued success I am having.

Yesterday at work, a co-worker brought in some cookies from one of the best bakeries in town. I’m a sucker for baked goods, but I wasn’t really even tempted by them this time. My determination and willpower seems to be quite strong at the moment, so I’m going with it!

Today was the baby shower. As I suspected, there was punch, egg bake, mixed nuts and 3 kinds of sweet breads. Luckily no additional dessert! The breads are a major trigger food for me, so I passed them right on by, and also passed on the punch. I did have egg bake. It’s tough not knowing what was in it, but it ended up being my lunch, so I think I made a wise choice. I also had some mixed nuts. They were salted, so I didn’t eat too many.

I basically got home from the shower, then had to leave right away to take the girls to see The Croods. It was a cute movie! It’s not one of those I think we just have to own, but it was decent and the girls enjoyed it.

It was a decent day, and I’m happy with my food choices. I almost opened a bottle of wine tonight, but reminded myself I won’t reach my goals if I open wine every time I feel like it. And I feel better when I only drink occasionally. I have more energy and my mood is better. So I pushed that thought aside and left the wine corked. 🙂

I’m still laying low with the exercise. My calf is still a bit sore when I go up and down stairs, or if I walk too much. I’m hoping I can get back to some low intensity exercise in the next few days, but I’m going to listen to my body so I don’t have a major setback.

Off to finish laundry and do dishes. A mom never gets a break! 🙂


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