I’m Injured

Ugh, I can’t believe it! All because of stupid jumping jacks! I’m not in good shape currently, and I’m guessing I overdid it. Or maybe my form isn’t good.

Here’s what happened.

Last week I did my first exercise circuit. It went well. But my right calf was a bit sore afterwards and bothered me all week long. Not so much that I couldn’t continue with my other exercise, so I basically ignored it.

Yesterday I was doing my circuit again, and as soon as I started the jumping jacks, I could feel something pull in my right calf. I managed to finish those 25 jumping jacks with some pain. I did my circuit once, and should have done it another two times, but didn’t. Looking back, I should have just modified the jumping jacks, so that is what I will do the rest of this week. The other exercises don’t bother me, so I will do either 25 standing jacks or 1 minute jogging in place until my calf feels better.


I will not let this slow me down!


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