March Recap & April Goals

It’s time to announce the results of my March goals, and to make some new ones for April. I am doing this a day early because I’m afraid the ham today will cause me to retain water! And because I have already exercised today (yay me!).

First, a recap of March and my results:

  1. Sugar Strike. This one was a big fail!
  2. Stairs. My goal was to take the stairs to my office at least twice each week. Success!!
  3. Weight loss. I wanted to lose 10 pounds this month. Another big fail! I actually gained a pound.

I am not happy with gaining a pound this month, but I’m glad it wasn’t more. I’m still down 17 pounds, and I’m doing much better with exercise. I know diet is what will really help the weight drop, so I need to get in my groove with clean eating.

Onto my April goals:

  1. Stairs. Continue taking the stairs to the office at least twice each week.
  2. Exercise. About 2 weeks ago I started exercising in the morning. This is going really well and I want to continue it in April. I am also working to add walks at home when Marcus is around and I’m able to go.
  3. Circuit. Since I’m on an exercise roll, I’m going with it. I want to come up with an exercise circuit of sorts, with exercises like jumping jacks, squats and planks. I need to finalize my list. My goal is to complete it 2 days each week.

I guess my goals this month are all exercise related! That’s okay. I’m building a solid habit and it will help my body composition as I (finally) get some more weight off. Of course I will also continue to improve my diet. Perhaps I’ve been putting too much pressure on myself. Who knows, but I will be working on that as well.

Well, kids are frantically searching for Easter baskets so I better wrap this up. Happy Easter!


8 thoughts on “March Recap & April Goals

  1. I love that you are totally honest with yourself. That’s so important for success. So not every goal was successful, you are looking forward which is the road to success. You have set great goals for this month…I’m cheering for you!

  2. We can’t be superstars 100% of the time, so congrats on meeting some of your goals for March! April’s sound achievable and realistic! I have found it is a trial and error kind of thing – you try some things out, some work, some don’t. Keep what works and discard the rest. Good luck and stay strong!

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