Double Duty

I must say I am quite proud of myself. I exercised twice yesterday! Yes, you read that right. TWICE! My evening walk was exactly what I needed for my soul and spirit.

Yesterday started out pleasant enough. I did my wii Biggest Loser workout in the morning, then headed to work. Mid-morning I got a text that turned my mood around completely. I won’t go into the details on this blog, because it’s not that big of a deal, and to protect the innocent should I ask friends and family to follow this blog at some point. I was frustrated and grumpy all day.

Shortly after I got home from work, I had to take Cameron to Girl Scouts. Typically I will drop her off, then either drive home (which is a total waste of time and gas since it’s an 8 mile drive each way and the meeting is only 1 hour), or sit in the car and wait for her. Last night, since the weather has warmed up a bit, I decided to make better use of my time and go for a walk.

Just a few minutes into my walk, I could feel the stress and tension start to leave my body. I haven’t felt that with exercise in so long, I forgot how good it felt! I love my wii workouts, but my short walk was invigorating! It left me feeling refreshed and improved my mood significantly.

The route I took is one I am comfortable walking on my own, so I will do it again when I can. It was in town, but not so many people around that I get self conscious. That may change in the summer, but for now it’s the ideal route for me. It was just under a mile (.8 mile), and is nice when I’m in the area and have time for a quick walk. There are ways I can easily add some mileage when time permits.

I am looking forward to much more walking!


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