Nothing is Perfect

I feel like I need to tighten up my diet and quit “half assing” it. But I also need to be realistic and know that life is busy and I won’t always eat perfect.

I know I feel better when I’m strict about cutting out sugar and processed foods, and eating more whole and natural foods. I know when I get off track, it’s hard to pull it back together.

Perhaps I need to cut myself some slack and plan for the imperfections.

For example, yesterday Marcus came home with corn dogs and French fries for lunch. So I ate them. Partly because we are running low on groceries (again). Partly because it was easy. Partly so I could eat with the kids instead of making something else for myself. All excuses? Absolutely.

But (I hate starting sentences with but…it feels like another excuse, although it’s life and I need a way to work all this out) I also need to find a way to fit these occasions into my life. I will never eat perfect. Sometimes I don’t want to worry about eating right. Sometimes I don’t want to take the time or effort to eat healthy. Perhaps if I plan for the less-than-desirable meals, it’ll help me eat better the rest of the time. If I’m really craving something, I can save it for Saturday and know I can have it then if I still want it. I’ve heard of people who claim having one “free” day each week can help a person lose weight because it confuses the body a bit instead of sticking with the same low calories day in and day out.

If I do this, it does NOT mean it’s a free-for-all day. Maybe it’s a I-don’t-have-to-write-down-what-I’m-eating-day. Which brings me to another thought. I think I need to start writing down what I eat, even if I’m not tracking calories, Weight Watcher points, carbs, etc. Just having to write it down so I see in black and white what I eat should help.

I understand eating healthy 99% of the time is how I will lose weight the quickest. But I’m also looking to make realistic changes that I can live with forever. That way I will keep the weight off instead of feeling deprived.

I still gravitate toward eating clean, but guess I am simply trying to figure out how to make it work around my crazy life. Without beating myself up or letting it derail me. Overall I do feel like I’m heading in the right direction. Ever so slowly.

A few days ago, my birthday gifts arrived, including my NutriBullet! The short cups seem a bit small, but maybe I can cram more in them than I think. It’s fun experimenting and so far I really like it. It blends apples and carrots in a snap! I’m excited to try new combinations, especially as we head into spring (dare I say we may finally see it in our near future??) and there is more variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Some people plan for a cheat meal or a cheat day each week. What are your thoughts on this?


8 thoughts on “Nothing is Perfect

  1. I like your idea of planning a cheat for the end of the week if you’re still craving it. That’s a good idea. I’ve done cheat days before which has worked out well for me (as long as I tracked everything in a journal) but any kind of little cheat once a week is probably a good idea. I also need to incorporate that into my current maintenance plan. Lately I’ve had too many “good” days and it has resulted in several cheat days all in a row! Not good.

    • I’m trying to figure out the balance that works for me. Like you, it seems if I have so many good days, then I can end up with more bad days. But I also know if I allow myself something bad, it triggers something in my brain that tells me I want more and more. Such a fine line and it’s a challenge to figure out what works for each person. But I will keep at it!

  2. The insanity of meal planning for health becomes less chaotic the more you do it…honestly. Most of us lame out on our meals here and there, don’t stress yourself about it. Just yell “NEXT!” and move on to greener patures, so to speak. If it helps you feel better I ate poutine yesterday (gasp). Then last night a piece of my son’s birthday cake. I felt awful the rest of the night so I paid the price. I feel the need to hiss at the remaining cake every time I open the fridge. Eat clean as often as possible then the not-so-splendid meals won’t take such a toll on your outlook.

    • I suppose it really is what you get used to. I got used to making quick, not-so-healthy meals. So now when I don’t have time to plan, that’s what I turn to. But once I’m more in the habit of making the healthier meals, that’s what I’ll turn to, right? Plus it’s about having the right ingredients on hand. I’m anxious for summer when I can pluck things from the garden.

      Part of me feels like once I see a big move on the scale, I’ll be more in control. But I know I tend to lose slow, so as long as I’m seeing a loss each month I should be thrilled. By the end of the year, those few pounds each month will really add up.

      • Right. It’s all in what you think is normal and easy. It takes the same amountof time to whip up something healthy as it does something that is not. You are right though that having the right choices at hand makes life easier at meal time.

        Slow loss is great! btw, you are always in contol. It’s what you allow.

  3. I just do my best with each meal. Sometimes I rock. Sometimes I suck. So I make the good meals stellar and try to move on after a junk meal.

    • That’s what I need to learn to do better. Move on after the junk meals. Problem is there have been too many of them lately. But all of today, so far, has been good. So I guess I am making progress. 🙂

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