Sugar Strike Day 13

I had a really hard time not eating last night. Partly, I was hungry. But by the time Marcus got home with groceries, it was later than I wanted to eat. I powered through and didn’t eat, and felt good about it this morning. I proved to myself that I CAN do this. I CAN have willpower when I want to. Eating well IS worth it. I feel better and I will look better soon.

Here is what I ate today.

Organic oatmeal

Chocolate banana/strawberry/spinach smoothie

Cottage cheese

Taco salad

Mood: Good
Energy: Pretty good

I’m feeling hungry tonight. My stomach isn’t growling, but feels empty. Maybe it’s my mind that thinks I need to eat and I simply need to retrain it. After all, I don’t need to eat until I feel full, only satisfied, right?

One more day to go and I’m officially done with this sugar strike. It has been far from perfect, but I have made progress, and ultimately that’s what this is about. My birthday is Tuesday and I know it won’t be the best day food-wise. But I will get back on track the very next day.

Progess, not perfection!


4 thoughts on “Sugar Strike Day 13

  1. Wait, it’s your birthday? Happy birthday!
    And good for you for holding out until Marcus got home. That’s really hard, but it’s nice sometimes to really feel that hunger. For me, it reminds me that I’m human and I kind of enjoy letting myself feel hunger – Until my blood sugar suddenly drops unexpectedly and then I’m starving. haha

    • Thanks! Tuesday is the big day.
      I sort of enjoy the hungry/empty feeling. It’s SO empowering to me when I don’t eat. If I’m truly hungry, then it makes sense to eat, but for the most part, it’s just a habit for me. I’m trying to keep busy with things I enjoy to get my mind of food, since I’m not starving.

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