Sugar Strike Day 10

Because of the wine I just had to have last night, I went to bed with heartburn. I felt it the minute my head hit the pillow. Was it worth it? YES! But it also reminded me of one of the reasons I need to keep my diet on track. Before I started this 2-week sugar strike, I had daily heartburn, even when taking my antacid. It has all but gone away with the change in my diet. Until last night.

Here is what I ate today.

Chocolate banana/strawberry/spinach smoothie – have I mentioned how much I’m loving this combination??


Girl Scout cookies, she says sheepishly

Chicken marinara – I wasn’t hungry, so I just ate a little. I think it’s important for the kids to see me eating, and for us to eat together when possible.

Big confession time, ladies and gentlemen! Girl Scout cookie sales are about over, so I took ours from the car and put them in the freezer. Looking back, I should have kept them in the car. They may go back to the car so I can ration them out reasonably. As you can see, I ate a few – okay, more than a few – of those damn evil cookies this afternoon.

I knew the grilled cheese and wine last night wasn’t a good idea. This is what happens when I consume sugar. And by sugar, I also mean the sugars and processed junk in the bread I used. It makes me want more and more and I have a hard time stopping. I am an addict. A BIG kudos to those of you who can eat it in moderation. I am not one of those people. Unless I want the constant struggle of trying to get back on track.

Something interesting I noticed is that not too long after I was done eating the evil morsels of sugar, I started to feel really tired. Like tired enough I wanted to take a nap. Then my head started to hurt. Is it really worth it? NO!!

So I continue to live and learn. Again, I will persevere! I will finish this sugar strike on a more positive note!

Mood: Good
Energy: Good until afternoon. I have been sluggish since then.

My tip of the day: If you find frozen potatoes in your refrigerator, do yourself and favor and throw them away instead of waiting for who-knows-what. If you don’t, they will rot and make a big, stinky mess.


5 thoughts on “Sugar Strike Day 10

  1. Girl Scout cookies are like heroin for me. They call to me. Honest they do. If you had any part of a box left you are a stronger person than I am.

  2. In my experience, the eating sweets in moderation comes from choosing fruit and naturally sweet food, rather than from foods with added sugar or processed foods. The latter just causes a chemical reaction that has you never satisfied and always craving more…and feeling yucky. Things WILL get better! Hang in there!

    • I agree with Cyndi. Once sugar has been out of your system for a while fruit tastes incredibly sweet and all you really crave where treats are concerned. Stinky potatoes are awful! Poor you having to deal with them…yuck.

      You have come a long way, Teresa. You have figured out your health offenders and taken notice of how you react to them. Way to go!

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