Sugar Strike Day 9

The day started out well. We got probably 8 inches of snow overnight, so schools were closed and I worked at home. I decided to exercise right away this morning while everyone was still in bed. It was nice to get it out of the way. Then a couple of hours later, just when the kids were starting to get crazy, Marcus brought them to him parent’s house down the road so he could blow snow. I got a lot of work done during that quiet time!

The rest of the day went well. Until late afternoon…I’ll explain after I share my meals for today.

Organic oatmeal

Taco salad

What the heck did I have for a snack?? I know I must have eaten something. Or did I??

Toasted grilled cheese

Okay, so I shouldn’t have eaten the grilled cheese. I knew the kids would whine about the chili, and probably barely pick at it, so I made grilled cheese to go with it. The sandwich was good, and I admit I don’t regret eating it. It’s about moderation, and this isn’t something I will indulge in very often.

But…I also opened a bottle of Barefoot Sweet Red wine. Why you ask? The only answer I have is because it’s been awhile and it just sounded good. I even distracted myself for awhile, and it was still calling to me. Definitely not the best choice I made all day, but again, I don’t regret it. I won’t live my life with regrets. I’ll simply move on.

The thing I’m doing differently from the past is this. Before, I would tell myself I already messed up so why not eat whatever I want? Not now. I’m done eating for the day. No nibbling or anything. I will not cave to the munchies. I know I’m not hungry.

I guess I basically blew my sugar strike for today. I could have easily lied about what I ate, but this blog is about being honest with myself. And proving to myself that I will not give up despite a minor setback or indulgence. I will persevere!

Tomorrow is technically a day off from exercise, but I promise to exercise anyway. I’ll need it to help make up for tonight’s calories.

Mood: Good
Energy: Good, until I started drinking wine!


9 thoughts on “Sugar Strike Day 9

  1. 8 inches of snow sounds like a lot. If we get 1 inch of snow, everyone panics. No joke.
    Good for you, posting and being honest about what you’re eating. Is red wine full of sugar? I think it is good to have a little bit occasionally.
    Tomorrow is also my day off from exercise. 🙂

    • I don’t know for sure, except that alcohol triggers the munchies in me. Last night I wanted Girl Scout cookies BAD. But I stayed out of them and this morning I am glad for that.

      • We have some Tagalongs still in our pantry. The rule is that we can only have 2 per night, each. So far we’re not even done with the first box and it’s been a week. Nice job staying away from the girl scout cookies!

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