Sugar Strike Day 8

Day 8 already??

My day was a little messed up. We got enough snow this morning that it made the commute to work a little difficult. But I had to get there to finish up some stuff that had to get shipped out today. By mid-morning, things were tapering off. Another round was supposed to start (I thought) by 3pm, so I left work early and finished working at home. Well, this next round still hasn’t come, so I could have stayed at work. Oh well…I’d rather be safe than sorry. Chances are good that we’ll all be home tomorrow, if we get the snow we’re supposed to. That makes working quite difficult. I might send everyone to grandma’s house just down the road!!

Organic oatmeal

Eat Clean egg salad

Chocolate banana/strawberry/spinach smoothie – I think this is my new favorite. Yum!

Breaded tilapia
Romaine lettuce salad

Mondays and Tuesdays are basically Marcus’s nights to make supper. I was excited when I was the fish thawing in the fridge, but then he started getting out all his breading fixings. Oh boy… He kind of made it up as he went, and I have to admit it was pretty good! Not exactly on my plan, which is why I opted for the salad over the boxed rice and corn he also made.

Mood: Good
Energy: Good


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