Sugar Strike Day 6

You may notice I tend to eat the same things over and over, especially while trying to lose weight. I am working on adding more variety and choices. Weekends are nice for a change of pace…more time to prepare meals!

Organic oatmeal with raisins

Peach/mango/spinach smoothie
Eat Clean egg salad – I was going to put this on a bed of lettuce, but since I put spinach in my smoothie and taco salad is on the menu for tonight, I opted to eat it plain. You can find the recipe here. It was delicious!

Banana with natural peanut butter

Taco salad

I must admit I ate a slice of zucchini pie for dessert. I’m trying to be conscious of what I’m eating and why. I wasn’t trying to fill a void or eat it because of emotional reasons. So I decided to eat it. I don’t regret it, although when Marcus makes them this summer, I’ll have to try to clean up the recipe a bit.

Mood: Not too bad
Energy:  A little tired today

I plan to get to bed earlier than usual tonight. Hopefully it doesn’t backfire and I’m wide awake at 4am!


3 thoughts on “Sugar Strike Day 6

  1. I think people naturally tend to eat similar things for meals. There’s usually some variety but much of the same stuff. Like for me, I eat the same breakfast and lunch every day at work, and the variety comes in my dinners and on the weekends.

    • It’s basically apple pie, but made with zucchini. It’s quite good! Marcus found the recipe a few years ago and he makes the pies to use up our summer zucchini. They freeze well so it’s a nice winter treat. And it doesn’t call to me quite like zucchini bread…that stuff is hard for me to resist.

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