Sugar Strike Day 4

My pants feel a bit looser. 😀 I’m excited for my March 1 weigh in. I know these past few days have helped me salvage February. I’m gaining momentum and hope to keep it going through March.

Here’s what I ate today.

Organic oatmeal

Romaine/spinach salad with ranch dressing
Greek yogurt


Chicken soup

I will probably make a smoothie tonight. I’m not sure what kind yet, but I’m a bit hungry yet and will be up for awhile since I need to get some things done. Hmm…peach/mango or chocolate peanut butter?? I really do love the endless possibilities.

I’m not getting sick of the chicken soup quite yet, but I still have a lot of it to eat. And I have to admit that I’m looking forward to summer when we have a larger variety of fruits and vegetables available at a lower price.

Mood: Good
Energy: Good


4 thoughts on “Sugar Strike Day 4

    • I’m hoping I can afford to stock up on the seasonal fruit at its peak, and freeze a lot of it.
      I went for the chocolate peanut butter smoothie…was sort of craving pb. YUM!

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