Sugar Strike Day 3

I forgot to report that I’ve been drinking coffee each day. This is a given for me. I gave up the processed, flavored creamers quite a while ago. Because I can’t stand my coffee black and need a sweetener to help with the bitterness, I’ve been using sugar, milk and a dash of cinnamon. Until today!


Last night on my quick trip to the grocery store, I grabbed a couple of impulse items. One was this agave nectar which was oh-so-strategically placed. I tried it in my coffee this morning in place of the sugar and it’s pretty good! It’s a bit pricey at $3 a bottle, but I find I really don’t need much. So hopefully I don’t go through it too fast.

Despite working at home today,  I haven’t had too much trouble staying on track. Here’s what I ate.

Healthier chocolate peanut butter smoothie

Greek yogurt
Frittata/scramble (eggs, onion, tomato and a little cheese)

I will eat some chicken soup once I get the kids in bed. It’s been a crazy, solo-parent night.

If I get hungry later, I’ll have an apple with natural peanut butter for a snack.

Mood:Pretty good
Energy: Pretty good. I have a little more energy already.

I’m finding my mood and energy level go hand in hand.


8 thoughts on “Sugar Strike Day 3

    • I’m also trying to eat as clean/natural/organic as I can, so the agave nectar is a good option for me. So far I like it and don’t miss the sugar in my coffee! I need to be careful though, because the calories could add up.

  1. Sounds like a successful day. Don’t forget snacks throughout the day – that apple with natural pb during the afternoon would be delicious. Way to go!
    Thought of your story about your icy driveway today when I nearly took a header on the slush going around the side of my car! Why is someone always watching when I slip?

    It’s interesting that once the sugar going into the body diminishes, the energy level increases naturally. Makes it pretty obvious how debilitating sugar and the cravings really are.

    • I really wanted the apple and pb this afternoon and time got away from me. I might not get it tonight as I’m just now eating supper (7:30 pm). Then it’s time for a book and bed.
      LOL! Sometimes I think the act of slipping is worse than falling!
      I agree about the sugar. It really doesn’t leave me feeling very good. This is SO much better! And I’m just starting!

  2. I found that milk products also contributed to sugar cravings/issues for me. Put that in the back of your mind just in case. Glad you are feeling “pretty good!” Keep up the good work!!

    • I certainly will! I know some people choose to give up dairy for whatever reasons, so that is something I may work on in the future. For now, I know I’m tackling the biggest obstacles for me. I definitely agree though, and will keep listening to my body. 🙂

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