I have a cold…and baby it’s COLD outside!

I have had a bit of a cold for the past week. Thankfully, it never got real bad. Now I have that annoying cough. At least I know I’m at the tail end of it.

I’ll admit it…it’s been a rough week all the way around. When I don’t feel well, it’s like I throw all my healthy thoughts and actions out the window! Then I feel worse because of that and I have a harder time getting back on the healthy track. Plus it’s PMS time. Bigtime. And we broke into the Girl Scout cookies. Ugh…

We are having some very cold weather here in Minnesota. There is a snowstorm on track to hit this Friday, which is also Cameron’s birthday. I think a snow day on her birthday could be fun. And maybe just what the doctor ordered.

Six days until my Sugar Strike begins. Anyone care to join me?


2 thoughts on “I have a cold…and baby it’s COLD outside!

  1. ooh.. sugar strike? does that mean all sugar? or fruits allowed? I would LOVE to do a sugar strike, it’s definitely something I would find very challenging and very rewarding. I’ve already given up dark chocolate for lent.. only other sugar I have (other than fruit) would be my coffee creamer… I think I could do it.

    It’s cold up here in Manitoba too.. but so far no news of a snowstorm, it’s just cold.. like -40 cold 😦

    • I think fruit is allowed, although you could make up your own rules. I am also giving up breads and pastas because they are huge trigger foods for me. I’ll be ready to go Feb 25 and WILL do this through Mar 10.

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