Looking ahead to SUCCESS

Bad news: it was a rough weekend.

Good news: my sister is going to do a sugar strike with me!

I am figuring out that this time of my monthly cycle, I am very much on edge. I am emotional and get upset about little things. Poor Marcus, for having to put up with me. The last few months, I have been particularly awful. I owe him an apology.

That’s enough of the bad news. I’m trying to get myself out of this funk.

Because I know giving up sugar, bread and pasta works, I am going to do it again. My family has a lot of birthdays this time of year, so I need to be realistic. This time my sugar strike is going to be 2 weeks long. I will start February 25, after Cameron’s birthday. I’ll be done before my birthday is here. And my sister has agreed to do this with me, so I am very excited to have that accountability and to teach her some of the things I have learned.

I need to follow my “sugar strike” plan more often than not. I know giving in makes it hard to get back on track, but I also need to be realistic and do what works with my life. I will occasionally have cake or pizza. I just need to learn to reserve those indulgences for special occasions. For now, I know the 2 week strike will help me to feel better and more in control of my diet.

More good news from the weekend…I have tried on two of my old shirts that I didn’t think fit. But they do! Either they fit before and I forgot about them, or my exercise is really helping! The scale isn’t cooperating, but that’s my own fault because of how I’ve been eating. But I do feel better because of my exercise. I feel stronger physically and it feels wonderful. More often than not, I look forward to my workout. And apparently it’s helping some since I have two “new” shirts to wear!

I am excited to fit into more clothes in my closet!


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