Pizza Aftermath

We decided to get pizza for supper last night. It was SO GOOD, but today I feel bloated and gross. I’ll have to avoid the scale for a few days. I know I’m retaining fluid. I’m working on drinking lots of water to help rid myself of this.

Sometimes I wonder if the aftermath is worth eating my favorite foods. But then I need to find a way for balance. I want to be able to enjoy pizza and brownies occasionally. The key is infrequent moderation.

Prior to eating pizza, I made a big pot of split pea soup. I have always loved it but tried something different this time. I didn’t have any ham, so I left that out. And instead of white potatoes, I used sweet potatoes. I’m not sure yet what I think of it, but I’ll be eating it all week so I have time for it to grow on me.

I don’t know what Marcus will make for supper tonight, but I think I’m having a light meal and a tall glass of water!



7 thoughts on “Pizza Aftermath

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  2. Your soup sounds sublime. No ham in pea soup is a good thing as far as I’m concerned since it is such a strong flavour it tends to overwhelm everything else. Oh, that horrible feeling after eating a favorite food is dreadful. Cyndi’s right though…our tastes do change over time without certain foods. I ate half a bagel on the weekend and ended up with a migraine that afternoon as well as feeling like an absolute beach ball. Learned my lesson the first time around, thanks.

    Keep up the great work of listening to your body.

    • I love ham in split pea soup, but it’s awful salty. This version is growing on me so I may post the recipe.
      My tastes definitely are changing. I just need to remember these icky feelings when I eat something like pizza. I keep forgetting to look for less expensive almond meal, so need to bump that up on the priority list!

  3. I know that feeling! I hate that bloated feeling. I have discovered that my body absolutely tells me when I ate something I shouldn’t have. My body wants the good, healthy stuff. Keep going!

  4. My experience was that as soon as I made an exception, I wanted to make another and another. After that I returned to more stringent boundaries, and a really good thing happened. My tastebuds actually changed. I don’t desire the pizza, pasta, bread, cake, cookies, etc. any more. See, there’s hope!!

    • I do agree with that. I’ve experienced it, and my tastes are changing too. My emotional side feels like I still need some of that stuff occasionally, but deep down I know I don’t. I’ll need to keep experimenting and find healthier versions of pizza, etc. Thanks Cyndi…I’ll get there!

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