Not Giving In

Last night I was hungry. I am trying to avoid eating after supper, unless it’s something healthy like fruit or celery with natural peanut butter. I decided to make a smoothie, which also cures my craving for ice cream. Actually, I’m finding I crave a smoothie more than ice cream these days! (It’s also a good thing we don’t have ice cream in the house, except for some individual cups for the kids that don’t tempt me in the least.)

After my smoothie was gone, I still felt like I wanted to eat. I wasn’t hungry so tried to figure out why I wanted to eat. I have figured out a lot about myself in the past few years, but last I couldn’t come up with a reason other than boredom. I tried to stay busy by doing some dishes…there were plenty to do since our sump pump went out the night before and we don’thave a dishwasher. Then, I just went to bed! I figure if I don’t have a good reason to eat and staying busy isn’t working, going to sleep will!

This morning, I am glad I didn’t continue to eat after the smoothie. Grateful really. And I am awake at 5 am and feeling good. I’m off to exercise (I missed on Friday so have to get back on track right away) before the kids are up and we have to get ready for church.

Here’s to a healthy day, and a healthy week!


3 thoughts on “Not Giving In

    • Small victories on the way to the big prize! I’ve spent a lot of time in the past couple of years figuring out why I eat. Now it’s time to change the pattern and treat myself right.

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