January Recap & February Goals

It’s time to announce the results of my January goals, and to make some new ones for February.

First, a recap of January and my results:

  1. Drink more water. I did really well on this one and feel like I’m back in the habit of drinking water. There were a handful of days that I didn’t drink 64 ounces, but I feel good about my progress.
  2. Sugar strike. I didn’t do so well with this one. Okay, not great at all.
  3. Exercise. I’ve been very consistent with exercise, thanks to my wii Biggest Loser program I’m doing. I might have missed one scheduled session this month, but that’s it. I am feeling stronger and it feels good.

Now, to report how I fared on the scale. I am pleased to report I lost 6 pounds! That’s a total of 14 pounds down from my highest weight. I’m not quite to where I was before the holidays hit, but I will get there.

Onto my February goals:

  1. Water. Continue to drink at least 64 ounces each day. No excuses. Just do it.
  2. Exercise. I will continue with my current wii Biggest Loser program. I’m worried about adding too much too fast, or I’ll get overwhelmed and quit. So for now I’m sticking with 4 workouts each week at less than 20 minutes each.
  3. Diet. My ultimate goal is to eat clean the majority of the time. This month I will continue to make progress by trying more healthy recipes, planning meals and reducing evening snacking. We have birthdays every month through April, so it’s not realistic for me to do a sugar strike right now. But I will in the near future and hope you’ll consider doing it with me.

My biggest challenge this month is going to be those evil Girl Scout cookies. Cameron starts selling them tomorrow so my car is loaded up with them. Once I start eating them, I can’t stop, so I am really hoping my family stays out of them until sales are over in March and we know what we want to buy. Then the key will be to ration them out reasonably.

I am excited for the new month and a fresh start. What are some of your goals?


5 thoughts on “January Recap & February Goals

  1. Nice loss for the month! Hey, I think your clean eating goal is much more doable than the cutting sugar goal any day.

    Every time the girl scout at school comes around I buy two boxes of the peanut butter chocolate ones. They’re so good!!! It’s going to be sad when she graduates. haha

  2. My main goals are to drink more water, eat clean and exercise regularly. And run more often. Yum… Girl guide cookies are so delicious! Luckily I haven’t seen any on sale or I’d be very tempted.

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