A pact with myself

Okay, fellow readers. It’s time I get serious about this clean eating thing. Effective TODAY, I am giving up sugar (except in my coffee, let’s not get crazy here). Luckily, Marcus’s birthday cake is gone, but we still have ice cream. Nevertheless, I will NOT eat any more of it. Come February 1, I want to show a weight loss for the month. I’m afraid to step on the scale right now, so will wait a few days and make sure my diet is good in the meantime.

I boiled some eggs this morning, so I’m prepared with a high protein snack if needed. I love hard boiled eggs. I don’t know why I don’t always have them ready to go.

I missed my wii Biggest Loser workout yesterday. Today is supposed to be a day off, but I will do a longer workout today to make up for it. I don’t see any physical changes yet, but I FEEL stronger. And I know if I keep up with an exercise routine, it will help the weight drop off. Getting my diet in check will make a big difference, but I know I also need the regular exercise to get to where I want to be. Ultimately, that’s a healthy person, inside and out.

Some of you might know that my job allows for casual dress every day of the week. While I think this is great, I’ve begun to really dress like a slob. Part of it is from gaining weight and having an extremely limited wardrobe. So lately I have  decided to start dressing better. I have recently purchased a few good quality sweaters, and I feel better when I wear them. Now that I’m buying some clothes, I’ll probably lose weight and won’t be able to wear them for long! But that’s okay…if feeling better about myself by dressing better is what it takes, so be it.

Girl Scout cookie sales start February 2. I’m going to have to keep those things under lock and key. Must. Not. Eat. Any.


3 thoughts on “A pact with myself

  1. It’s so true…when we dress to look good we feel good! Plus, it helps when others tell you that you look nice. 😉

    No GG cookies! They are EVIL dressed up as scrumptiousness! The wolf in sheep’s clothing of treats! (Sorry GG’s – they are just too easy to stuff one per bite into the mouth, hence 4 get eaten in the time it takes to much one homemade. Just sayin’).

    • Yes, those little morsels are 100% EVIL!! I did terrible with them last year, so must stay out of them this year. At least until sales are over and we know what we’ll end up with, which hopefully won’t be too many boxes.

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