Scary, scary stats. Yet another reason to lose weight!


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  1. Yikes! Very interesting article. I’m not sure if you read down to the comments at the bottom but they in themselves were quite enlightening. The article was not meant as a finger-pointing at people’s weight but instead educating us all as to how different body weight can help or hinder in this particular situation. Instead of people getting all bent out of shape, perhaps safety instead of defensiveness about weight should be most important. I must say though that I really despise the word “fat” in reference to people’s shape. This is definitely a good reason to work at getting BMI within a reasonable range.

    • No, I didn’t read the comments. Sounds interesting! I’m “fat” and didn’t take offense to it. Just like you said, it’s about education and learning different risks of being heavy. I don’t like the word fat, but I really don’t like the word obese!

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