It costs how much???

I am working on meal planning for the family, and trying to incorporate some new and healthy recipes. I found two I am going to try this week and am really excited about them! One calls for almond meal, which I’ve been wanting to try, so I decided to pick some up tonight. I knew it would be a bit expensive. I thought maybe $4.99 for a one pound bag. Maybe $5.99. I wasn’t thrilled at the thought of those prices, but decided I still wanted to try it.

I got to the unusually busy natural foods section of the grocery store and found the almond meal easily. Then I looked at the price. $12.49?? Are you freaking kidding me?? Paying $5 or $6 was going to be a stretch, but $12.49? No, I can’t do it. I was incredibly disheartened.

You know what’s sad? My first thought was, screw it, I want a candy bar! I quickly put that thought out of my mind. That’s exactly how I got myself into the predicament I’m in. So I paid for the rest of my healthy groceries and hauled my disappointed self to my car.

On my long drive home, I had plenty of time to think. One thought was I should ditch this whole paleo eating plan. Ditch the more natural, clean eating plan. But then I thought NO! I can’t do that! This is about my health and I will not give up because of this bump in the road. I can’t afford all the best ingredients, but I will buy what I can. I have already made some changes. I have switched to natural peanut butter or PB2. I use almond milk much more than I used to. I eat very few processed foods…or at least the obviously processed ones like boxed meals. PLUS I bought more fresh veggies tonight than usual.

Little by little, I will get there.


2 thoughts on “It costs how much???

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