In need of a more serious plan!

I’ve been doing okay on my goals…I’m sticking to my exercise plan and drinking my water. But my diet needs major improvement! I’m pretty sure that time of the month is coming up, and I’m having a hard time controlling myself and seem to “need” sugar! (sorry if this is TMI, but hey, it effects hormones which effect everything) But all isn’t lost. I have a plan!

First of all, I have this weird pull towards my treadmill right now. I’m feeling a major urge to dust it off and start to incorporate it into my exercise routine. It definitely needs a good internal cleaning before I can use it. The last few times I used it, it was really acting up on me. But I’ve had it for 8 years and never cleaned it! Plus I used it a LOT the first few years after I bought it. So that’s on my list for the weekend. Get the treadmill cleaned and up to par!

Next, I need to do better with meal planning. This flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-non-plan isn’t working! I need to start printing the recipes I want to try, and pick one a week. There are so many great blogs with the kind of recipes I’m looking for, so no more excuses, right?


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