Preparation is Key!!

I must confess, I slipped up today. My only excuse is that I wasn’t prepared!

We’ve been running a bit short on groceries this week. I admit, I let the kids eat toast for supper two nights in a row (not just toast). I was short on time to cook them something so took the easy route. Not a terrible thing once in awhile, but in the beginning of my journey when I’m just trying to get in a groove, it’s not good! Tonight I was hungry, the toast smelled good, and we didn’t have anything else ready to go. So, I ate toast. And I had a glass of wine.

You might think I’m beating myself up. I’m not. But I also wish I hadn’t eaten that. I know what those kinds of carbs do to me. But instead of ruining the entire night, I have decided to move on. I’m back on plan NOW instead of waiting until tomorrow.

I really need to plan our meals in advance! I sent Marcus to the grocery store tonight, and had him buy ingredients to make white chili. I love it! And for my current eating plan, it fits in perfectly. I’ll need to work on cleaning it up and using more organic ingredients, but one step at a time.

One of my goals for the weekend is to search for some new recipes to try. I’ve gotten a few suggestions and found enough sites with things I’d like to try. It’s time I just pick a few and try them! 🙂

That’s really the point of my post. I think the biggest “secret” to weight loss, or any healthy lifestyle, is planning and preparation. Not planning ahead is downright dangerous! It sets you up to fail, and I am NOT going to fail. Planning it is…


8 thoughts on “Preparation is Key!!

  1. In my experience, you are right about planning and preparation. And I’m so impressed with your wonderful attitude. “I’m back on plan NOW”…That’s perfect!!

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