One successful day under my belt!

Yesterday was a good day, despite being tired. I’m sure it was a combination of not enough sleep and the beginning of sugar withdrawal symptoms. But I stuck to my eating plan, exercised, and drank all my water.

I’ve been wanting to try coconut oil for months, and finally tried it yesterday! I made what I would call a roast beef frittata. I put a little oil in the pan, and sauteed some onions. When they were close to done, I threw in some chopped/shredded roast beef. Then poured the egg mixture over the top and cooked until the eggs were done. I also added a little cheddar cheese at the end. I’ve made this before with tomatoes added with the cheese, which is quite good and a great way to get some more veggies. (Are tomatoes a vegetable or a fruit? I can’t keep track, but they’re still great for you.) I’m working on my “frittata technique” so they don’t look real great yet. Once I get one that is picture perfect, I’ll share a photo.

I’m tired again today, but it will be another good one. Once I get the sugar out of my system (and learn to go to bed earlier), I won’t feel so fatigued. In fact, I know I will have more energy. I’m ready for those days to be here! I did sleep better last night though. It’s much easier to sleep with an empty stomach!

I’m determined to do this! Who’s with me?


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