January Goals

Today is my first serious day, diet-wise. I’m excited to make some progress. Here are my goals for the month of January.

I will continue to focus on drinking enough water each and every day. I love water, and I feel better when I drink it. Actually, the more I drink, the more I crave it. This is one easy thing I can do for my health.

I am also on a sugar strike. Well, except for sugar in my coffee. Let’s not get crazy now. One change at a time! I need my coffee and I’m not about to give it up anytime soon. And I need to doctor it up. I used to use flavored creamer, but basically gave it up about 6 months ago. That’s a big step for me. Now I use sugar, milk and a little cinnamon. I know there are better options, but one thing at a time. But back to my sugar strike. Other than my coffee, I am not going to consume sugar, which means no sweets or low calorie beverages with artificial sweeteners. (Except for maybe ONE piece of cake on Marcus’s birthday later this month. I’ll see how I do the next couple of weeks.) I am also avoiding pasta and bread. Both are trigger foods for me. I don’t feel satisfied and end up eating more to satisfy my craving. It’s a vicious cycle, so I’m better off without them. I will focus on eating enough protein, and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

I started an 8-week Biggest Loser program on the wii about 2 weeks ago. I’ve done okay, but missed a few days due to Christmas and New Year’s. So I’m going to restart it today. I really enjoy it and find I do well since it creates a schedule for me. I know when I’m expected to exercise, so I make the time to get it done.

Official weigh-ins will be the first of every month. I won’t post my weight here, but I will report how much I’ve lost.

Here’s to getting back on track and winning the battle against sugar!!


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