Sugary Days Are Here Again

The last few days have been far from healthy. Too many cookies and that oh-so-yummy toffee. A little wine. Eating out (and not making the best choices). But at least I am exercising and starting the day with a healthy breakfast. That helps, right?

I am certainly on sugar overload. I’m feeling irritable, lethargic and blah. With Christmas Eve tomorrow, I am realistic that the next few days will not be the healthiest either. I am anxious to officially start my 1000 Day Journey and continue working on making those healthy changes.

For now, I am going to enjoy Christmas. Well, as much as I can since I’m feeling irritable, lethargic and blah! Haha!

I do need to find some time to prep myself for my journey. The biggest thing for me is planning menus, mostly for supper, so we don’t eat hamburgers or grilled ham and cheese every night. I should really work on putting together a binder of healthy, mom-approved recipes so Marcus will also know what I expect. Before that though, I need to compile some recipes.

Do you have any favorite, kid-friendly, healthy meals? If so, please post them below!


6 thoughts on “Sugary Days Are Here Again

    • I think I’m giving all my leftover goodies to the neighbors (my in-laws). I need them out of the house. Stir fry is tough for me since I don’t like as many cooked vegetables. I will need to experiment though…luckily my kids love broccoli, even though I don’t.

  1. Remember the Meat Muffins idea I shared with you? They are mini meatloafs in a muffin shape with tiny, tiny pieces of veggies (even ones the kids don’t necessarily like, but that are so very healthy for them) as well as ground beef, pork &/or turkey, etc.. You can freeze them and then pop them in the microwave for a quick meal.

    Also, the Whole30 Morning Mix (simply ground turkey with apples and spices) can be made really quickly…or even ahead of time and frozen in individual portions.

    These have often been part of my meals on a busy day!

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